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Welcome to the RISCAuthority Fire & Flood Database : Loss adjuster upload portal
December 2021: Update

Some minor changes have been introduced to help ensure that the quality of data captured by the upload portal is maintained. Whilst all of the information requested is relevant and useful, not all of it is relevant in all cases. However, some data fields are relevant in every case and those that are considered to be of critical importance are now indicated by a red asterisk ‘ * ’.

Your homepage now provides a reminder of how many of your cases are missing some of this critical information and an additional search function to help you to locate those cases. Links have also been added for a user guide and introduction video, both of which will be available in January 2022.

July 2021: Update

The Fire & Flood Database (FFDB) was previously referred to as the Large Loss Database (or LLDB) but was renamed in 2021 to reflect an increase in its scope to incorporate significant flood related losses. This upload portal is used exclusively for entering case data for fire and flood events. A sister site (located here) has now been produced which allows information to be extracted from the database and analysed using a provided spreadsheet template.

April 2020: Important News

The UK insurance Large-Loss Database upload site, was updated by RISCAuthority with insurer direction. The principle changes were as follows:

  1. The site can now record Large-Loss data pertaining to Flood events
  2. Improved categorisation of Business
  3. Improved classification of Fire Location, and Ignition sources
  4. Improved construction description
  5. A deep-clean and re-categorisation of all existing data to the new fields

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For more information on the changes please watch this recent RISCAuthority Webinar

For all other information please contact the RISCAuthority co-ordinator on info@RISCAuthority.co.uk

We would invite feedback on the new system and will act quickly upon any challenges the new site raises.

Regards again and thank you for your support,

Dr Jim Glockling
Technical Director FPA & Director RISCAuthority